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Located in the heart of the North of England, Focal Events Ltd brings a wealth of experience to the world of cycling. With a dedicated team of passionate riders who have explored the far reaches of the globe on two wheels, we understand the essence of a truly exceptional cycling event.

Our commitment to delivering outstanding rider experiences is fueled by our firsthand knowledge of what makes a great event. We are not just event organisers; we are avid cyclists who believe in the importance of focusing on every detail to ensure unparalleled quality. We organize and promote events that we would personally choose to ride ourselves.

As a company, our mission is clear: to provide “best in class” events and services to our riders. We prioritise working closely with the local communities we visit, ensuring a positive impact and fostering strong connections.

At Focal Events Ltd, our passion extends beyond cycling to the environment we cherish. Proudly, we are a 1% for the Planet member, actively contributing to initiatives that support both people and the planet. In the UK, our dedication to conservation is reflected in our support for Trees for Life, directing resources to regenerate the wild places of Scotland.

Join us in our pursuit of outstanding events, environmental responsibility, and community engagement. Together, let’s pedal towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


Focal Events Ltd is committed to protecting, conserving and promoting our surroundings and we encourage all our riders to join us in this.

During the event we will always aim to do our best to uphold these values and we encourage third party suppliers to work with us where possible.

Much of our waste is recycled and we aim to reduce our impact in the following ways:

  • re-use or recycle where possible
  • compostable plates/bowls
  • use of riders bottles at feeds to reduce plastic
  • bins on route for waste
  • dedicated team to check the trails post event – collecting everything!
  • limited or reuse of plastic signage
  • limited use of plastic course tape – reusable where possible
  • use of gpx files where possible to reduce use of plastic signage


For any questions about the event please reach out to us using the contact email below:

[email protected]


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